Ferrier Estate, SE3

One thing that has become increasingly apparent from researching derelict housing blocks / estates is that they failed due to the council rather than the people who lived there to begin with. So maybe the question is what made them into ‘waste’?

One former resident of the Ferrier Estate, Greenwich SE3 voices his opinion…

as someone that grew up on this estate from a baby till in my twenties i have very strong views on this place.
i’d like to put you striaght on one aspect of this artical though. this estate wasn’t built as “social” housing, it was built as council housing. i didn’t know a single kid on that estate whos parents didn’t work and pay their rent and service charges. in fact, when my parents applied for a place on that estate they had to prove they earned enough to pay the rent and charges. everyone was veted before being offered a place. it was a real community that had everything you could possibly want from schools, doctors and dentists to supermarkets, sweet shops, green grocers butchers a bank, a church a library, the list is endless. i don’t know a single person that grew up there that regrets growing up there. the problems started when the council for unknown reasons decided to start dumping problem famillies on there. eventually only unemployed people could get a place there and every time a decent family left they were replaced with scum bags. it’s a terrible shame what the council done to this place. believe me, it wasn’t rose tinted glasses, it REALLY was a fantastic place to bring up a familly. i only wish these places still existed, i’d give anything for my kids to have what we had on that estate, instead of the soleless misserable suburban streets that are left as the only other option.’

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01/11/13 at 2:36pm
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